Typical applications

Serving the needs of the most demanding customers and industrial applications

Our production facilities allow us to manufacture a wide range of products and materials with a high degree of flexibility in terms of quantity and delivery lead times.

Manufacturing of product ranges from highly engineered, highly stressed safety critical castings to castings requiring close dimensional control. All castings produced are manufactured in chemically bonded sand that offers a superior dimensional accuracy and excellent surface finish.

  • Mining Equipment
  • Mooring and Chain
  • Marine Applications
  • Off shore platforms
  • Structural
  • Off road Vehicles
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Fragmentation Industry
  • Quarrying Equipment
  • Aluminium and Steel Works
  • Material Handling
  • Railway
  • Wind Energy
  • Wave Energy
  • Pressure Retaining Vessels
  • Power Generation
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Defence