We care about the environment.

It is the policy of H.I. Quality Steel Castings Limited to:

  • Minimise the extent of environmental impacts of operations within the company’s influence
  • Liaise with our clients and other stakeholders on potential environmental issues and work with them to address concerns, in so far as work constraints permit
  • Strive to minimise any omissions which may have an environmental impact
  • Conserve energy through minimising consumption and maximising efficiency
  • Minimise the use of materials which may have an environmental impact
  • Promote efficient purchasing which will both minimise waste and allows materials to be recycled where appropriate
  • Employ sound waste management practices
  • Develop, maintain and implement procedures and support information that enables compliance with the law, regulations and codes of practice
  • Provide suitable training on environmental issues to employees
  • Recognise and encourage the contribution every employee can make towards improving environmental performance
  • Sustain and develop this policy by the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Monitor environmental performance, conduct regular reviews of the policy and EMS, and make improvements where possible

Details of individual duties, responsibilities and arrangements are contained within Procedures and Environmental Policy Manual EM01

D.S. Beniston

Managing Director