Modern plant and facilities, a reflection of ongoing investment programmes in our business

Our production facilities allow us to manufacture a wide range of castings and materials with a high degree of flexibility in terms of quantity and delivery lead times.

Manufacturing of product ranges from highly engineered, highly stressed safety critical castings to components that require close dimensional control.

Periodic spectrographic analysis throughout the melting cycle, allows us to closely control the composition of the liquid steel and accurate additions of alloys whilst melting ensure that the metal poured conforms to the specifications requirements.

New technology resins are used to bond a combination of new and reused sand to produce high definition moulds of consistent dimensional accuracy. Dedicated moulding lines ensure an efficient use of materials and optimise productivity dependent upon the size and weight of the casting required.

The close control of the moulding process along with our 'Methoding' expertise together with the results of computer solidification simulation predictions, produce castings which is dimensionally true, clean and sound.

The mechanical properties of the steel casting are developed from the steel chemistry through heat treatment. Quality heat treatment is carried out in nominal 10,000kg capacity gas fired furnaces which can accommodate castings up to 2.3m x 3m x 1.2m, for water quenching treatments, and 3.5m x 3.5m x 1.5m for normalising and annealing heat treatments.

All heat treatment furnaces are fitted with programmable controllers and casting temperatures are continuously monitored and recorded throughout heat treatment to both chart recorders and digital data storage.

The finishing operations include shot blasting to remove scale and surface adherences followed by fettling/upgrading to satisfy the requirements of quality control and to meet the customer's specifications.

Manufacture does not necessarily stop with the production of the casting. At HIQSC we have our own facilities for fabrication welding and can also offer services for machining, coating and surface hardening under our professional production and technical control.