Casting development

Close liaison with our customers to fully understand their product requirements

It is vitally important that any casting design incorporates the needs of the sand casting process. The design also needs to ensure that the casting can be produced in the most cost effective way whilst ensuring that the component is of the highest possible integrity.

We extensively use the facilities of CAD and casting simulation programmes. By opening up dialogue and electronic data exchange with our clients from an early stage, we are able to offer practical advice to ensure technical and commercial criteria is optimised for the benefit of both parties.

Our methods department, when it is appropriate, utilise Magma, an advanced casting simulation programme. This allows us to electronically simulate both the pouring and cooling processes and is used for investigation of:

  • The most cost effective process route
  • Optimising product design
  • Designing pattern equipment
  • Feed design
  • Internal quality expectations

We strive to learn as much as possible about the product requirements at the out set of the contract. By adopting this approach, we have built strong relationships with our clients' technical and quality representatives. This early dialogue very often results in commercial benefits for all concerned.

Accepted formats for CAD based production include STL, IGES, DXF, DWG, TIF and PDF.


Magma is an advanced casting simulation programme.